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About ME

I run a small craft business based in Cork city, Ireland, creating unique lampshades using traditional hand sewing methods. I make all forms of lampshades but I'm particularly passionate about the exciting possibilities of gathered and paper lampshades which allow me to use the most beautiful hand printed papers and vibrant luxurious fabrics.


I was given this antique standard lampstand as a present and unable to source a new shade for the base, my love affair for creating bespoke lampshades began.


All of our shades are handmade.

Hand sewing lampshades is a slow process with many steps involved - binding of the frame, the fitting of the lining and outer cover onto the frame, hand stitching both onto frame and then the hand sewing of the trim.

Each lampshade can take up to ten hours to complete.

I hope that you can see the time and love that is given to each lampshade and that your new shade becomes a much loved item in your home.