A new addition to my sustainable lampshade range! 

With this range I am trying to create the most sustainable as possible lampshades that are handmade with love and care, using organic and sustainable products. 

Chania has been created using:

Outer Fabric: A gathered and pleated white hemp fabric. 
"Hemp behaves and looks much like linen. It has a short growing period of about 100 days and so can be planted and harvested up to four times a year. The cultivation process naturally reduces pests and returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes into the soil. It requires little water or pesticides and no fertilisers. It is the most carbon negative crop, absorbing more carbon dioxide than it produces." - Merchant & Mills Fabric Suppliers 

Lining - I use an organic cotton muslin that is softly gathered.

Trim - I have used a remnant gold bias binding trim.

Sewing thread - All of my lampshades are hand sewn by myself using either organic cotton thread or recycled polyester thread...depending on the task at hand and strength of thread required!

Binding tape - for traditionally hand sewn lampshades, the frame has to be bound with tape. I use an organic cotton tape in my sustainable range. 

Lampshade frames - my lampshade frames are made by a small family business in the UK. These frames can be reused time and time again and passed down through the generations.

Each lampshade takes between 7 to 10 hours to complete and is a labour of love for my small craft business.



Chania is available in 4 French Drum sizes:

Bottom Ring Top Ring Height
25cm 15cm 20cm
30cm 20cm 25cm
35cm 25cm 30cm
40cm 30cm 35cm


Interior: Organic Cotton Muslin. 


All shade sizes are fitted with a duplex fitting which gives great flexibility as it allows the shades to be used as both a tablelamp and ceiling shade. If you are using the shade for a tablelamp, a 10cm shade carrier is automatically supplied - if you require a different size please email me. You will find an explanation of shade carriers (tablelamps) and spider fittings (ceilings) used with duplex fittings in the FAQ section. 

Safety: A fire retardant spray is applied to the lining. We recommend that you use a maximum 40watt LED bulb.